Attention Apple Acolytes

My lifelong friend (and one-time college roommate) and his brother have started a new company and have just released their first iPhone application.

It is a task manager and it looks great. Sadly, I do not have the necessary hardware (iPhone or iPod Touch) to take full advantage of this app, but the least I can do is share the news to those who, like me, are always on the look out for tools that make life simpler. That is the aim of CDEV, their company, and hopefully this app is the first of many to come.

I know for a fact CDEV is willing to listen to any ideas for new software, so if you have an idea for something that your iPhone, iPod Touch or Macbook are not doing right now, contact these guys on their website. I know what I want: CDEV’s app on my MacBook Pro.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention what may be the most important part to some of you, and that is that the app is FREE! Gratis. Yep. So go and download it from the iTunes App Store, try it out, and give CDEV your feedback.


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