Teachers: America’s Enemies, Cont’d

Rather than acknowledge that she has been busted or apologize for her physical expression of condescension towards that teacher in Alaska, Palin is attacking the “lamestream media” for spinning the story.

There is nothing to “spin” because her actions speak for themselves.  One would have to be delusional to say that her reaction to the woman saying she was a teacher was not negative in some way, whether it be condescending, dismissive or worse. I don’t know, maybe Palin deserves credit for being unwavering in the face of criticism. But come on, what nerve to blast all of us for seeing what is so clear in that video and expressing our disapproval. How dare we!

I am mad at myself for thinking that this was a time when she would have to own up to something because the evidence seemed irrefutable.  Alas, Palin plays by her own set of rules and that is what is troubling about her. If she dislikes teachers, whatever. But to pretend, as she does, to speak for them or any other “average or real American” is what is so troubling to me. She is a fraud that has managed to hoodwink a very large chunk of society.

I know it is easy to dismiss her because of how ridiculous some of the things she says and does are, but we take her for granted at our own peril (I think she will run for president). We should take our cues from and elect leaders that are smarter, more mature and more responsible than the average Jane or Joe, and not people who are appealing because they say things like “Jeez”, “Shucks” and “You Betcha!”.

We have already elected an actor president; do we really want a reality TV star in the White House next?


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