Let Us Play Fantasy Football!

It is that time of year again. Time for grown men and women to live vicariously through their chosen football players and compete for ultimate glory!  Only, you know, for pretend.

I kid, fantasy football is fun and this year will be better. Why, you ask? Because I am creating a keeper league that will have a player auction rather than a draft.  A keeper league entails keeping one or two players you select (in the case of an auction, buy) for the next year.  The auction works as follows: rather than take turns drafting, participants go in order nominating players for auction; the player is then available to the highest bidder.  On the Yahoo fantasy auction, each participant has $200 to buy a team (all fake though, no real money needed!) so “strategerie” is needed.

Anyway, I have never been in a keeper league or been in an auction so this league need not be for super-competitive players. It is open to anyone who wants to play so long as you will at least make sure your team is set each week, respond to league related emails and are available for a live auction.

I have created the league and will send out invites to the first 11 people who respond. I currently have the draft time set for this Saturday at 12 CST. That time and date is just a place-holder and I will push it back to accommodate the participants.  I am trying to figure out the keeper aspect of the league and hopefully it will work out.

I await your responses.


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