Dropping A Deuce

I have begun prepping for the upcoming school year so have been quite busy this week. Thus, I can only offer you a link dump at the moment.

How quickly Americans forget the government expansion that took place under Bush.

Greenwald points out the NYT’s hypocrisy in calling out China’s surveillance program as dark and dangerous.

Greenwald is also disgruntled (and rightly so) about the government’s attempt to deny a U.S. citizen due process by making him get prior approval before obtaining a lawyer.

Michelle Obama wants Congress to pass a bill that aims to improve the lunch programs at our nation’s public schools. Boy, is it needed…

Claire Berlinski at the National Review protests the proposed burqa bans in Europe, but argues they are necessary, in a very interesting piece.

Adam White at The Weekly Standard argues why the U.S. Dist. Court in Arizona erred in striking down parts of the AZ immigration law.

And a Republican with actual ideas and aspirations for cutting the deficit (a rarity) is, not surprisingly, met with little fanfare in the GOP.


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