Climate Change

The Scientific American has posted an article on rising global temperatures and how this rise will continue making today’s heat waves “the typical weather condition by the last half of the century”. And what is the cause?

Regardless, the long-term trend is clearly continued warming, which is “very likely” (with more than 90 percent certainty) caused by greenhouse gases emitted in the course of human activity, according to climate scientists. And climate model research from Stanford University set to be published in Geophysical Research Letters shows that extended heat waves are likely to become more commonplace in the U.S. by 2040—and predicts hotter and drier seasons over the next decade.

Those who suggest that climate change is unsettled science, that there is still a sharp debate going on about whether human activity contributes to global warming, are misinformed.  This is yet another scenario in which those holding the minority position speak the loudest and demand that their false ideals be taken seriously, which the lowly MSM is happy to do. It is a joke. Climate change for the worse is happening and yet we still have a large number of people in this country dead set on not doing a thing to address it.


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