Organic Eggs: Bad for You!

Seriously Time magazine?! They published an article recently that discusses a study done by someone at the USDA who claims that organic eggs are not healthier than eggs produced by chickens in factories. Common sense alone dictates the rejection of this claim.  To claim that a chicken allowed to graze freely and eat worms and other things it is supposed to eat, instead of the hormone-filled, corn based feed fed to chickens who live in packed quarters that often prevent them from even learning how to walk, would produce eggs that are unhealthier than their alternative is ridiculous.

And yet, Time publishes the findings as if they are undisputed fact. Is it not the job of a serious news publication like Time to at least investigate whether there is any contrary information before publishing something like this as if Gospel?

Bad journalism and an even worse study. But do not take my word for it. Here is an article pertaining to another study (that is not the first to conclude organic is better, as the article states) that shows quite contradictory results. Read and decide for yourself.


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