Obama and the Left

Here is a concise and well-articulated analysis of why Obama generates so much criticism from the left and why it may be unwarranted to some degree. Here’s a snippet:

In truth, every president disappoints his base. “In the past few weeks, conservative and neo-conservative thinkers inside and outside the administration have reached a state of open disaffection with the Reagan administration’s policy directions,” declared the Wall Street Journal in 1982. To this day, many conservatives insist that George W. Bush wasn’t really one of them. The complaints grow loudest when a president’s popularity declines, as Reagan’s did during the 1982 recession, and Bush’s did starting in 2005. When a presidency runs into trouble, activists rush to deny ideological paternity.

This piece plays somewhat into my ongoing series of posts about Obama’s long game  (to be continued soon; Parts I & II here and here), and how despite his accomplishments, they are met with disappointment by supporters who think more should have been done. As an aside, I may have bitten off more than I can chew in writing the posts and probably should have waited until after the honeymoon to start, but what is done is done.


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