Cubs Meltdown: Part 102

For the 102nd year in a row, the Chicago Cubs will not be winning the World Series.  Despite being 8 games under .500 they are only 8 games in back of 1st in the Central, but they’re finished. I know, I know, we have not even reached the All-Star break yet, but this team is as dysfunctional as it gets. The latest exhibit: Our “ace” had to be separated from our 1st basemen during today’s game because they nearly got into a fight.

I was not even the least bit shocked when I saw that headline a short while ago. That is how bad this season has been. It actually started with Zambrano, the aforementioned “ace”, being put in the bullpen because he forgot how to pitch. He recently returned to the rotation, and he gave up four runs in the 1st inning today; apparently it was Derrek Lee’s (1st baseman) fault.

This team’s main problem is a lack of hitting, especially timely hitting. They are tied with the Kansas City Royals, the ROYALS, for most losses in one-run games, which has to be frustrating for the players.

And as a fan, this team is just not fun to watch or root for (do not for a second think that means I do not still root for them). They have underperformed and are not very clutch. I hope GM Jim Hendry trades away as many of the veterans he can, with Alfonso Soriano on top of my wishlist (but not going to happen without eating a large chunk of his terrible contract, and even then, good luck), get some prospects in return, and start the rebuilding process. The team already has rookies Starlin Castro and Tylver Colin making positive impacts this year, which bodes well for our future. I want to see who else we have in our system.

As we say in Cubs land, Wait till next year…


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