NBA Finals

Tomorrow is game 7 of the NBA finals. It is not surprising that the series is going to a seventh game as both teams are very good and evenly matched. Until last night’s stinker in which the Lakers blew the Celtics out, every game has been exciting and fairly close. I expect tomorrow’s game to be more like the others and not like last night’s aberration.

Sadly, I think the Lakers will win the game and thus, the series. It pains me to say this, but they play so well at home and I cannot imagine Kobe letting his team lose a game 7 at home to the Celtics, a team he has never beaten in a series. A win would instantly propel Kobe into the upper-echelon of NBA Hall of Famers and make him one of the most beloved all-time Lakers. And you know he knows this.

For the Celtics to win, they have to shoot well, which includes off the bench, play defense like they did in games 4 & 5, and rebound the ball and get Rondo in transition to make some easy buckets. The Lakers will be pumped, they will shoot the ball well, and Kobe will probably go off. But if the Celtics can play better team D and pound the glass, they might make it difficult enough on the supporting cast to cause Kobe to feel like he needs to do it all himself. And that will not work for the Lakers, as it did not in game 5.

Game 7 is tomorrow night at 8pm, my time.


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