BP Sucks Cont’d

I must admit I have not seen, nor plan to, President Obama’s speech on the spill and its aftermath. Frankly, I do not need Obama to make me feel better about the situation or reassure me in some way. He is not my daddy. Besides, I understand the speech kind of sucked.

All I care about is the problem getting solved, and as quickly as possible. In my view, this was BP’s mess from the start and Obama need only hold their feet to the fire. Today’s agreement with BP to set up a fund to pay for victims of the spill seems like a nice start. But Obama cannot plug the leak himself and I do not expect him to, nor do I hold him ultimately responsible.

But what will be disappointing is if Obama does not use this catastrophe to energize Congress into passing a major climate bill, or at least trying to. Apparently, there was no sense of urgency in this regard in Obama’s speech.

The economic and environmental costs of our energy issues need to be clearly laid out to the public, in the event some still do not understand (and many do not, am I right “global warming” deniers?). We may have to put up with higher utility bills for awhile to take the necessary steps, but in the long-term, it is worth it. But I suspect the public will not buy that because a) we are already strapped financially and b) we do not like to think “long-term”.

In case you are wondering, I favor a gas tax, cap & trade, and investment in alternative energy as a starting point. Ultimately, we need to have greater incentives than a cap & trade program in place to reduce emissions, but it strikes me as a politically viable starting point.


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