So Much to Say, So Little Time to Say It

I think the title of this post sums up my predicament over the past few months. As much as I enjoy blogging (even though I blog for a non-existent audience) I have had to focus on my duties as a first year teacher, assistant little league coach, and more importantly, a husband, in the preceding few months.

But summer is upon us and I should have more time to devote to this blog, which I do love. Here are a few things I am keeping an eye on:

1. The BP oil spill and subsequent ecological and economic disaster, as well as the political fallout.
2. Arizona’s attempts to apply white-out to itself.
3. The financial regulation legislation, as well as potential immigration and climate change legislation (the latter of which is looking more likely these days).
4. The final season of Lost and the series finale, which I am still processing. I will say that I have much better feelings about both than the online community has expressed so far (or at least, from what I have seen).
5. The SCOTUS’s dismantling of Miranda in a decision brought down last week. Awful ruling, just awful.
6. The Cubs continued quest to be the most unsuccessful franchise in American sports and leave its fanbase with the most baggage to prove it.
7. Summer movies and music. Preview: Loved Iron Man II and Kick-Ass; have not seen Sex and the City II, but am glad it has gotten terrible reviews.
8. The November mid-terms.
9. The World Cup. Preview: Go U.S., until you get knocked out, at which point I will probably root for Spain and/or The Netherlands.
10. The NBA Finals, which start tonight. I have become an NBA fan this year thanks to its awesome players, such as Kevin Durant and Lebron James, and reading Bill Simmons on a regular basis. Also, I have overcome what was my objection to the NBA, which was that the players looked like they did not care, by realizing that the players are just so good that they make it look easy. In contrast, the college game appears more energetic and passionate because the players are just not very good and have to be scrappy to overcome their lack of skill.
11. More stories of note that will come up this summer.

I hope to get around to covering these things, but do not hold your breath.


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