House Votes

The House is currently voting on the Senate bill, and if the Democrats get to 216, they will then vote on the reconciliation amendments. Those amendements remove a lot of the unsavory aspects of the Senate bill, which include the favorable provisions to certain states.

The yeas are at 172 right now, with 65 Democrats still needing to vote. The members are given 15 minutes to vote but it doesn’t appear that the full 15 will be necessary. 183 yeas and 22 nays on the Democratic side. No republicans supporting thus far, and I doubt any of them will.

200 yeas with 6:30 left in the vote. Looks like I was wrong about the full 15 not being needed; there is under 3:30 left and 26 members have not yet voted.

9:45 – The 216th vote in favor of the bill has been cast. Pretty cool!

Now the bill is ready for the President’s signature and the House can vote on the reconciliation bill once this vote ends, which it will in less than a minute.

Final tally on the Senate bill: 219 yeas, 209 nays, with 34 Democrats voting nay and no Republicans voting yea.


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