2nd Amendment

I heard or read recently that the NRA and other gun-rights advocates are fearful of President Obama’s desire to restrict their 2nd Amendment rights. What is unusual about this fear is that Obama has said nothing regarding his desire to do this, and has only expanded the rights of gun owners in this country.

This makes two things perfectly clear to me: Gun rights advocates are incredibly paranoid and incredibly misinformed. A troubling combination to be sure. This reminds me of when Obama made the comment about people clinging to their guns during the campaign and honestly, I still think there was a lot of truth to that. The story linked to above, in my view, confirms this even more. There is clearly a disconnect between Obama’s policies and the perceptions of the NRA and its members.

I honestly do not get the fuss over the 2nd Amendment. I am not a fan of guns but I do not have to own one and I do not care if someone who is qualified to own one chooses to. I stress the word “qualified”. What troubles me is people keeping guns in their homes or walking around in state parks with guns in their belt loop who have no real experience with guns. (Though I should say I do not know, from state to state, what requirements there are for owning a gun but I do know the requirements are pretty lax here in Texas.)

Anyway, this story about a superintendent firing a gun in school prompted this post. It also reminded me of the absurdity of states legalizing the carrying of firearms in cantinas! Starbucks has recently allowed patrons to carry firearms in some of their cafes, too. These are instances where 2nd Amendment hysteria has run amok. Are gun owners so insecure about their right to own a gun that they must display it in public any chance they get?

And it makes no difference to me that the guns are not supposed to be loaded in some instances. Leaving out the absurdity of wanting to walk around with an unloaded gun (presumably to send a “message” because what would be the point if it wasn’t loaded), as the superintendent story shows, some people will make mistakes and it will not be long before someone’s mistake leads to another person’s death.

And now, a Family Guy clip:



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