Health Care Cont’d

This piece from Slate is quite sobering. According to its author, Timothy Noah, Pelosi does not have the votes to pass the health care bill.

Once again, I have mixed feelings. I am not a fan of the bill, but I think if it does not get passed, the donkeys and President Obama will not recover. I hate to favor the bill passing for mostly political reasons, but in the long-term, it will be better for the American people.

There is nothing I have seen since Obama has taken office (or for about seven years before then for that matter) to suggest that a Republican controlled Congress and/or White House is in our best interest. And forget about getting substantive health care anytime soon. If the bill fails, and the political fallout is as damaging to the Democrats as I think it will be, then we will not see comprehensive health care reform for another generation. Okay, maybe I am being melodramatic, but it could play out that way.


The AP is reporting there may be 10 “nays” in the House that could become “yays”. I stress the word “could”.


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