Lost Cont’d

We are four episodes into the final season of Lost and I have no idea how it will end, but I like the direction in which it is going. The tone is much darker which I like and will come to no surprise to those who know me. The “alternate timeline” is getting increasingly better and I only hope that it somehow ties into what we are seeing on the island and is not simply a look at what could have been.

Terry O’Quinn is nailing his role as “Jacob’s nemesis now inhabiting John Locke’s body”, or Esau as Lost followers have taken to calling him. Locke’s episode last week was fantastic and I really enjoyed Jack’s episode this week. I was especially fond of the alternate timeline story between Jack and his son, which is unusual given how what is happening on the island should be more interesting.

What is going on with most of the characters has been very solid. It is disappointing to see Sayid’s character diminished, and Kate’s story has always been fairly weak. I am looking forward to seeing Jin and Sun’s alternate timeline as their story was always a favorite of mine.

But enough with the aesthetics, let’s talk substance. I suspect that the “war” that has been alluded to in previous seasons is approaching, with at least Jack and Hurley (and the rest at the Temple) on Jacob’s side, and for now, Sawyer on the side of Esau. Whether there will actually be confrontation between the survivors on each side is an interesting question, and the first few episodes seem to suggest that if this confrontation occurs, Jack and Sawyer will have it out.

But I am not so sure they will. The recurring theme thus far has been the nature of destiny (Jacob) v. free will (Esau, sort of), which has been posited as an either/or issue and not a more heterogenous one. At some point I think the survivors will realize that they are pawns and have always been pawns, and use this to band together against both Jacob and Esau. But if that does not happen, and there is a confrontation, I am on the side of Esau.

I understand he is being portrayed as the evil one, but in my view, he is not. He just wants to be free and not controlled by either the island or Jacob, which in my view is very reasonable. Jacob, on the other hand, has manipulated the lives of the survivors, with mixed results, but I think most of the survivors have not faired well. Ironically, the one survivor who probably benefited the most turned out to be the one who killed Jacob (Esau as Locke).

Anyway, I am definitely “in” this season and cannot wait to see how it turns out. Happy viewing!


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