A Game To Be Proud Of

I admit that I thought Texas had no chance of winning last night’s BCS title game once Colt McCoy got hurt. And I was not surprised by what transpired the rest of the first half. What did surprise me was the way Texas played in the second half.

Even though they lost, I was extremely proud of how the team competed in the second half and for a second there, when it was 24-21, thought maybe they were about to pull off the unthinkable. Alas, it was not meant to be. And the final score was deceiving. Which brings me to Alabama. Am I just a homer here or was it kind of messed up that Alabama scored that second touchdown following the fumble to make it 37-21? It looked to me like UT was content to let Alabama take a knee and run out the clock, but apparently Saban wanted to make the score a little more lopsided.

Yes, UT has a responsibility to play and try to stop the opposing team, but it was already a done deal and that last touchdown seemed unnecessary. Seeing Greg McElroy flash the upside down Hook ‘Em Horns sign shortly thereafter was also classless, in my opinion. I honestly was not even upset about the loss but when ‘Bama scored and I saw McElroy do that, that is when I got kind of pissed. I hope UT meets them again next year.


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