Health Care Cont’d

It seems that the donkeys have their 60 votes needed to pass their health care bill; Senator Nelson from Nebraska has said he will vote for the bill. This is big news if, in fact, it turns out to be true when the final vote happens, which could be next week.

Of course, assuming the Senate does get the bill passed, the two bills (House and Senate) need to come together to create the final bill that the President will sign. Check the usual sources (Cohn, Klein, Tumulty, etc.) for this story and the upcoming debate in the two houses, but for now, I suggest reading Slate’s take on some of the key pieces in the Senate bill (as it stands now, with Senator Nelson’s vote). The ban on annual or lifetime limits on expenditures is a nice win for Senator Reid. Unfortunately, the bill does not contain a public option and states will be allowed to keep insurance providers that pay for abortions out of their exchanges, and no federal funds can be used for abortion services, either. But that is not something that goes on now, anyway, as I understand it.


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