Red River Rivalry Cont’d

I take it all back. OU is going to crush UT today. As usual, they are showing that they are a much better coached team.

On a personal note: I would rather gauge my eyes out with an ice pick than watch the UT offense on the field. Disgusting.

Update (2:45): UT just got another interception and have the ball with 3:31 to play, up by 3. Can we have the D run the offense?

Update 2 (2:52): There is still :44 left and Musberger just said in regards to UT, “Looks like they’re going to do it [win] again”. Nooooooooooooooooo….

Update 3 (2:55): Phew! The game is over and UT wins. But we are all losers today for having to sit through that horrific game. Eight turnovers, at least fifteen penalties, bad play calling, and more, made this game-watching experience unpleasant. I honestly take no real pleasure out of this win.


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