Wall-Street’s Recovery

Goldman Sachs just reported HUGE profits in the third quarter and the DOW recently topped the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year, primarily off the backs of banks that have made huge strides. Banks that were bailed out by the government.

Good for them. I am glad to see the bailout has borne fruit and I cannot wait until that money is paid back, and each and every taxpayer is rewarded for their sacrifice in the form of a fat check of their own (these banks and investment firms continue to pay huge bonuses). Better yet, we the people can start our own bank and have the payments sent there to be distributed amongst the plebeians. Hey, government, you can send the checks to the following address:

Thrownunder Thebuss, Inc.
9.7 Million Unemployment Street
Nohealthcare, NY 10005



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