Halliburton: Worth Our Financial Support

The Daily Show ran a segment last night about an amendment proposed by Senator Al Franken prohibiting the U.S. government from entering into contracts with corporations that stipulate in their employment contracts that victims of rape, by co-workers, cannot sue the company. The amendment passed, yet thirty Republicans voted against it. Seriously.

Those who voted against the amendment apparently thought it a political ploy meant to take aim at Halliburton, since Halliburton is the beneficiary of so many no-bid contracts and have an extensive presence in our national security industry. And yes, they have this provision in their employment contracts. Poor Halliburton. How dare the U.S. government be more discerning about who it does business with! If Halliburton wants to include a clause in its employment contracts that PROHIBITS LITIGATION STEMMING FROM RAPE BY AN EMPLOYEE, by golly, they should be able to do so. This is America, dammit!

Check out the clip from the show, and note, too, the bit about Acorn.

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