Afghanistan Cont’d

As hopefully you are already aware, President Obama has a major decision to make on the future of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. His hand-picked top general overseeing the conflict, Gen. McChrystal, wants at least 40,000 more troops for an Iraq-type surge. Obama has yet to decide what to do but insiders say a gradual pull-out from that country is not an option on the table. What a shame.

Glenn Greenwald at Salon has been on top of this and numerous other “War on Terror” issues and covers them with great depth and insight. He has another piece today about the Afghanistan question which is a must read, along with an editorial in the Boston Globe he references in his piece.

The point both Greenwald and Bacevich seek to drive home is this: By sending more troops to Afghanistan and escalating the conflict, Obama will re-affirm what has become the status quo U.S. national security policy, which is to be in a perpetual state of war. We are now a war state seeking to expand/preserve our empire through the use of military might and not diplomacy or sound policy. We cannot “nation-build” and it is absurd that we continue to try. It just does not work, and in attempting it, we will sacrifice thousands of American lives and spend billions of precious dollars. Meanwhile, the military industrial complex will continue to prosper, as it has for the past 60+ years.


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