Baseball Playoffs

MLB’s playoffs got under way yesterday (well, Monday if you include the one-game playoff between the Twins and Tigers) and I am not too excited since my Cubs are sitting at home watching like me. But of course, I foresaw this awhile back. Oh well.

Below you will see what we are looking at for this year’s playoffs.

National League Division Series
Cardinals v. Dodgers
Rockies v. Phillies (defending champs)

American League Division Series
Twins v. Yankees
Red Sox v. Angels

My predictions (note, three games were played yesterday so I do have some information to assist me with these):

Cardinals over Dodgers
Phillies over Rockies
Phillies over Cardinals (NL Championship Series)

Yankees over Twins
Red Sox over Angels
Yankees over Red Sox (AL Championship Series)

Yankees over Phillies in the World Series

Please note that these are my predictions, not my preferences, and I hope I am wrong. I do not want the Yankees to win (because they are the Yankees) and will be rooting against them. And though I would like to see the Cardinals represent the NL and the Central Division (where the Cubs play), I cannot in good conscience root for them as they are the enemy of the Cubs from Chicago. I am tired of the Red Sox and will not be rooting for them (I am starting to actively dislike them in the same way I dislike the Yankees, too). The Dodgers swept the Cubs last year and I will root against them to spite my cousin Yohans. The Phillies won last year so we need new blood. So I guess that means: Go Twins, or Rockies, or Angels!
I am so glad it is football season…


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