No Olympics For You, Chicago!

Despite having the three-headed monster of President Obama, his wife Michelle, and Oprah Winfrey advocating to have the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Chicago was the first city to be eliminated from contention by the IOC among the four remaining cities.

Of course my first thoughts are on how this will affect President Obama’s political standing. How can I not go there; FOX News and the Republicans have been given Obama the business for going to Copenhagen to advocate for Chicago. It is funny to me how blatant the right-wing is in wanting Obama to fail at everything he does. This is no exception and I am sure there are a lot of happy Republicans right now.

Whatever your thoughts on the desirability of having the Olympics in Chicago (there is evidence that the games can actually be a financial disaster for host cities), it seems very disingenuous for the “Party of No”, whose members have done everything in their power to thwart the President’s legislative agenda since coming to office, to argue that the President should not have gone to Copenhagen because of all the pressing issues we face here at home. Though we will never know, I think it is more than reasonable to think that had Obama not advocated so strongly to bring the Olympics home, his critics would have lambasted that decision, too.

Ugh, I am too close to this. I need to get off Google Reader!


Rio De Janeiro just won the games. This is huge because it is the first time a South American country has been awarded the games. Congratulations and good luck to the Brazilians.


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