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New Music

Here is a short article on an Austin band by the name of Sad Accordions. They are good, and I say that not just because I know a couple of people in the band. Their first album, A Bad Year for the Sharons, was released four years ago (not sure if and where you can buy it, but I have it) and they are now releasing a new single, which is hopefully a precursor to an EP or full-length album soon to drop.

The linked article contains a link to the MP3 for your listening pleasure. The name of the song is awesome, too.


Red River Rivalry Cont’d

I take it all back. OU is going to crush UT today. As usual, they are showing that they are a much better coached team.

On a personal note: I would rather gauge my eyes out with an ice pick than watch the UT offense on the field. Disgusting.

Update (2:45): UT just got another interception and have the ball with 3:31 to play, up by 3. Can we have the D run the offense?

Update 2 (2:52): There is still :44 left and Musberger just said in regards to UT, “Looks like they’re going to do it [win] again”. Nooooooooooooooooo….

Update 3 (2:55): Phew! The game is over and UT wins. But we are all losers today for having to sit through that horrific game. Eight turnovers, at least fifteen penalties, bad play calling, and more, made this game-watching experience unpleasant. I honestly take no real pleasure out of this win.

Red River Rivalry

Always amorous of alliteration, I am a big fan of the Red River Rivalry, perhaps better known as the annual football contest between the Longhorns of Texas and the Sooners of Oklahoma. This should not surprise anyone as I am two-time graduate of the University of Texas.

The game is tomorrow at 11am and I am feeling much more optimistic about it today than I was earlier in the week. After watching UT play all season, and then watch them stink last week against a terrible Colorado team, I was certain UT would lose tomorrow. It still may happen, but I do not think it will.

This game has all the makings for an upset. Oklahoma comes in with 2 losses and nothing to lose; OU’s Heisman trophy quarterback is back and I am sure eager to erase last year’s loss and make up for time lost this season; Oklahoma can still win the Big XII and get to a BCS game so there is still a lot for them to play for; Texas has underperformed all season, with a special shout-out in that regard to Colt McCoy; and Texas tends to play “not to lose” as opposed to “playing to win” in games like this, which ironically almost always ends in a loss.

That said, I think Texas will finally put it all together and get the win. The team is too good and has too much riding on this game’s outcome to lose focus and not at least play at or close to their best. Plus, the sting of getting hosed out of winning the Big XII and playing for the BCS Championship last year should provide a little extra motivation.

I was hesitant to post anything about the game, or make a prediction, so as to not jink the Horns, but it is out of my hands anyway. Many veteran sports fans are aware of jinxes, curses, etc., that seemingly prevail in sports or affect their favorite teams. For example: I am sure every veteran sports fan has cringed during the broadcast of a favorite team’s game in which their team was winning and a broadcaster declared them the winner, before the game was over, only to see the other team stage some miraculous comeback to win the game. Or in baseball, when a stat flashes across the screen saying Pitcher X has not given up a home run in so many innings and then on the next pitch, WHACK, he serves one up.

When it comes to these “jinxes”, I am no different than many a sports fan who is aware of them. As for curses, well, it is a bit more complicated. My favorite baseball team, The Chicago Cubs, have long been said to be the victims of a curse that has prevented them from going to the World Series in over sixty years, let alone win one, which they have not done in over 100 years. I do not really believe that, but I kind of do, too. Just one of those things.

So these kinds of jinxes happen a lot, or at least, they seem to. There is even a phenomena known as the “reverse jinx”, by which a fan picks the opposing team to win, from the one being rooted for, in an attempt to sway the sports gods to come down in favor of said fan’s favorite team. I consider myself a reasonable sports fan, and there are many of us, but despite our propensity for reason and logic outside the sports world, we remain very aware of jinxes and curses. On another personal note, I have always been hesitant to anoint my team as the best, or the sure winner of a particular game, or talk a lot of trash before a big game whose outcome I considered uncertain. I do this mostly for two reasons: The first reason is I do not want to jinx my team and the second one being that if my team loses, I want to minimize the trash talk I get from the fans of the winning side. Objectively irrational and silly: probably. Yes. But reasonable and understood in sports: absolutely.

If the Longhorns lose tomorrow, you can be sure I will be posting an apology on this blog to UT fans everywhere for jinxing the team with this post, regardless of how unnecessary it is.

Teetotallers Nightmare

If you are a fan of Mad Men, you should watch this video. Actually, you should watch it even if you are not a fan. It is pretty awesome.

Muslim Attacks From The Right

Greenwald has another fascinating and disturbing piece up, and in this one, he discusses the demonization of a Muslim non-profit here in the U.S. The fear and paranoia displayed by the actors in the piece is striking, especially given the realities. The fact is that Muslims make up a very small minority in this country, and an especially small one in Congress, as the piece alludes to. Plus, the actions of the group in question, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), amount to nothing more than lobbying on behalf of American Muslims.

And why shouldn’t they? Many national security policies, whether official or unofficial, specifically target people who appear “Muslim”, i.e., of Middle-Eastern descent. And the actions of these legislators speak to why the group is necessary. Clearly these legislators represent a growing fear about the spread of Islam and though Muslims make up such a small percentage of Americans, it is the fastest growing religion in the world. Thus, these people fear and benefit, probably both politically and economically, by exaggerating the influence of Islam and mischaracterizing the tenets of the religion. And it is worth noting that it is quite probable that many view the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as religious crusades against the “Muslim Menace”.

I cannot help but wonder what will happen once the ongoing crusade against Islam is over. At least Muslims believe in a God and Islam is an Abrahamic religion. What will these people do with atheists? I realize that a lot of this fear stems from 9/11, but make no mistake: There is a definite religious undertone in this movement. It is only a matter of time before sights are set on a different pray of the non-Christian and/or non-believing variety.

The Republican Party surely cannot survive if they cater to the fringe far-right movement that embodies this religious fear, and others (Socialism, Obama as second-coming of Hitler, Obama a Muslim, Obama born in Kenya, etc.). Right? Then again, who knows. As bad as the Democrats have been this year, I hope they get their stuff together because I do not want to see what the GOP will do once in power again.

Wall-Street’s Recovery

Goldman Sachs just reported HUGE profits in the third quarter and the DOW recently topped the 10,000 mark for the first time in a year, primarily off the backs of banks that have made huge strides. Banks that were bailed out by the government.

Good for them. I am glad to see the bailout has borne fruit and I cannot wait until that money is paid back, and each and every taxpayer is rewarded for their sacrifice in the form of a fat check of their own (these banks and investment firms continue to pay huge bonuses). Better yet, we the people can start our own bank and have the payments sent there to be distributed amongst the plebeians. Hey, government, you can send the checks to the following address:

Thrownunder Thebuss, Inc.
9.7 Million Unemployment Street
Nohealthcare, NY 10005


Halliburton: Worth Our Financial Support

The Daily Show ran a segment last night about an amendment proposed by Senator Al Franken prohibiting the U.S. government from entering into contracts with corporations that stipulate in their employment contracts that victims of rape, by co-workers, cannot sue the company. The amendment passed, yet thirty Republicans voted against it. Seriously.

Those who voted against the amendment apparently thought it a political ploy meant to take aim at Halliburton, since Halliburton is the beneficiary of so many no-bid contracts and have an extensive presence in our national security industry. And yes, they have this provision in their employment contracts. Poor Halliburton. How dare the U.S. government be more discerning about who it does business with! If Halliburton wants to include a clause in its employment contracts that PROHIBITS LITIGATION STEMMING FROM RAPE BY AN EMPLOYEE, by golly, they should be able to do so. This is America, dammit!

Check out the clip from the show, and note, too, the bit about Acorn.

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