Love Happens

The title of this blog post is also the title of a new movie coming out, starring the Ex-Mrs. Brad Pitt and Harvey Dent.

When I first saw the TV spot for it, I was left feeling very unsatisfied. But it was not just about the content of the spot. The title seemed uninspired and silly, not that it really matters as I have no intention of watching the movie. But I just realized a short moment ago why the title bothered me: its similarity to a very common and profanity included expression. You know the one. But in case you do not, the expression I refer to is: Shit Happens.

Either those responsible for putting this movie out did not make the connection, or they did and are trying to make a statement about love. Either way, it strikes me as a bad idea to name your movie after this well-known expression, only to substitute the “Shit” for “Love”. I have nothing against the original expression, it just seems like bad business. I cannot be the only one who has picked up on this. If the movie flops, blame the title.


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