Health Care Cont’d

Thanks to V for sending this along from The Monitor. It is a brief story about a candelight vigil at a park where people gathered to discuss their health care horror stories and our need for reform. I found the following comment from the President of the conservative Tea Party particularly telling:

“We understand the need for healthcare reform…But we don’t want government to be the solution.”

I think this is a good indicator of how ignorant and deluded some who oppose reform (those making up the far-right fringe movement) truly are. Perhaps someone should break the news to this bruiser that reform will not happen without government intervention.


Thanks to Paul for passing this story along from The Texas Observer. It shines a bright light on how woeful health care is for the indigent and uninsured in Texas, and how necessary reform is. Hopefully this story will help bring the issue closer to home for those who still doubt we need reform, and who think our health care system is the best in the world.


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