College Football – The Predictions

Here are 10 predictions for the 2009 college football season:

1. There will be a controversy surrounding the BCS.
2. The BCS controversy will cause pundits, a President and plebeians alike to denounce the BCS and call for a playoff system.
3. There will be 34 bowl games.
4. The winner of the OU-UT football will win the Big XII South Division.
5. Notre Dame will have a good year, the experts will swoon, and in the end, the team will disappoint and most reasonable observers will note the team was overrated.
6. No one will care about the Big East.
7. An undefeated team outside of the six major conferences will not make it to the national championship game.
8. Lee Corso will wear various mascot gear on College Gameday throughout the season.
9. Some player will win the Heisman trophy.
10. Some team will win a national title in January.

I kid. But seriously, here is what I think may happen:

1. Virgina Tech will win the ACC
2. Rutgers will win the Big East (not that it matters)
3. Penn State will win the Big Eleven, I mean Ten
4. Texas will win the Big XII
5. Oregon will win the Pac-10
6. Florida will win the SEC

Colt McCoy will win the Heisman Trophy and lead his team to the BCS Championship Game, where they will face Florida. The final score of that game will be 31-28, and Texas will win its second national title of this decade. And they will do so by once again beating a favored opponent going for their second straight title.

Of course, all of this is subject to revocation should any major injuries befall any of these team’s best players, like McCoy or Tebow.


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