College Football – The "Poem"

Another year goes by
And the Cubs they disappointed.
I hang my head and cry
For they are yet to be anointed.

But “Never fear”, they say
As I cock my head to hear.
“The football season starts today,
‘Tis the sport you hold so dear.”

“Aha,” I say in delight
And a smile crosses my face.
The future is so bright;
It is time to start the race.

I can think of nothing better
Than games that are heated.
And I do not need a fetter,
To keep me watching and seated.

I will be raucous and cheering
After my team scores every TD.
The games they are premiering,
And I’ll be watching in beautiful HD.

The beer that will be flowing
And the snacks I’ll be eating,
Will keep my gut growing
And my energy depleting.

But it is all worth it,
The happiness the season brings.
There’ll be no title split;
Only Longhorns will be Kings.


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