My Top 5 80’s Movies List

Here is a list of my five favorite 80s movies. Now, this is not a list of the “objectively” best 80s movies (though that list could be forthcoming), but only a list of my favorites. Now that I think of it, maybe it should be a list of what I think are the best, because in my view, the two lists are different. Actually, maybe it would be best to break it up and have this list be the best movies that signify “the 80s”, and not necessarily the best films of the 80s. For example, when you think of the 80s, do you think of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or Raging Bull? I would say the former, and both films came out in that decade. Raging Bull might be in the list for the best movies of the decade, but not the list of movies that makes you think “80s”.

Okay, so I am going with the Quintessential 80s Movie list. What qualifies a movie to be here, you ask? I think a film with the “cheesy” clothes and music, or a “slow clap”, or a bad guy you love to hate, or a high school setting, or a fanciful or impossible romance, or an inexplicable dance/song number, etc. …

Alas, here is my list:

Can’t Buy Me Love
St. Elmo’s Fire
Top Gun
The Breakfast Club
The Karate Kid

I inserted Can’t Buy Me Love over the aforementioned Ferris Bueller’s, Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Goonies, not because I like it more than those films, but because in my view it better satisfies the “quintessential 80s” requirement and has one of the greatest slow clap scenes ever. Apologies also to Sixteen Candles, Lucas and Weird Science. Although, the latter could qualify under a different list: “Bad” Movies That We Love. Stay tuned, but for now, enjoy theses “iconic” scenes (apologies for all the ” “s).


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