Health Care Cont’d

John Harwood at the NYT lays out where we stand on health care, and towards the end of his piece lays out in very clear terms where legislators are in agreement, and where they still differ. When reading it I was struck by the fact that Obama and other democratic leaders have failed to lay out in such simple terms what a bill would do and how it would benefit both the insured and the uninsured. As a result, the Republicans have controlled the discourse and with the aid of the inept MSM, we are left talking about things that are NOT in the bill (death panels, coverage for undocumented aliens, etc.).

Obama needs to take control of this sinking ship now, lay out the vision in clear terms (the guy is a great orator; why is he struggling with this?), make reform a moral issue (“how can the world’s greatest democracy turn a blind eye to 47 million uninsured Americans”, or something like that), and use all his political resources to ensure that the best bill possible crosses his desk this fall.


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