Drug Legalization

The Washington Post has this op-ed penned by two police officers advocating for the legalization of drugs. Aside from the fact that this op-ed is written by police officers, it is also significant because their rationale is primarily based on protecting their fellow officers waging the War on Drugs at the behest of policymakers far, far removed from its dangers.

I think I have stated on this blog before that the decriminalization of drugs was more likely than outright legalization, at least in the near future. Perhaps the protecting police officers viewpoint taken in this piece will resonate with more people who feel it would be immoral to legalize drugs. Another thing to consider, which the piece hints at, is that the drugs themselves are getting more dangerous to consume and more government regulation on that end would be beneficial, too.

I am sure that the support of our peace officers would go a long way into shifting public and political views on drug legalization. I am curious if any polling has been done with police across the country to get their views on this issue. The public is regularly polled, but to my knowledge no polling specifically aimed at police has been done. If anyone reading knows different, please let me know.


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