Health Care Cont’d

It appears that the nastiness surrounding the health care “debate” has only increased since last I posted. I put debate in parenthesis because that is not what the protests at the town hall meetings are meant to induce; they are actually intended to shut down the debate entirely. And apparently they are working.

The White House is attempting to debunk the rumors out there on a new website, and while this will be useful for the reasonable among us, I suspect those denouncing Obama and comparing him to Hitler will not bother to review the site.

Meanwhile, Sullivan discusses why true conservatives should be in favor of reform here, and Hunter at Daily Kos has a terrific post about the disturbing nature of the public protests and the people involved in them, as well as their evolution:

Before we ever had healthcare town halls, the teabaggers-now-eugenics-protestors were purportedly all about taxes: they had large, conservative-promoted protests about how unfair the entire affair was, and Obama held prominence as the be-all, end-all cause of it all. Now, their taxes under Obama were actually going down, not up, but that major, presumably all-deflating fact didn’t make so much as a dent in the movement. It simply didn’t matter: they still insisted that under Obama, taxes were suddenly at socialist comma fascist comma Europe-like levels. The same people, all denizens of far-right conservatism, didn’t have fits about their taxes under Bush — it only came up as prominent, so-called “popular” movement at the exact moment Obama became president.

Likewise with the birther movement. There is no documentation that can deflate it; there is no final number of reporters from the right, the left and the center who have, can or could go see the original certificate and report back that all is in order; there is no number of public birth announcements or assertions from the officials of the state of Hawaii that can dim the candle of their beliefs. Some of the them hold up signs with the President’s name misspelled, Barrak, or with swastikas or sickles or other emblems of past tyrannies: they seem to be less than serious in their grounded explorations of the man’s origins.

Finally, The New Republic discusses why small businesses should be in favor of reform and Salon disses the deal Obama made with Big Pharma.

More to come later, I am sure.


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