You Do Not Speak for Me

Jonathan Cohn has been thoroughly covering the health care debate and he has a recent post that discusses the recent wave of “public outrage” directed at various state representatives at town hall meetings throughout the country. Here is what is going on:

As you’ve doubtlessly read, heard, or seen by now, conservative groups that oppose health care reform have been organizing demonstrations at congressional town halls around the country. A major goal of these is to drive the media narrative–to make it seem as if the country is up in arms about the reform plans President Obama and his allies are trying to push through Congress.

Cohn goes on to provide polling data that shows the majority of Americans are in support of reform. So while it is good that the recent news surrounding this “outrage” is not as dire as it seems, FOX News will undoubtedly continue to follow it as such, which will only enable more people to express their opposition and skew public perception. That is a problem.


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