Iran Cont’d

Today in Tehran, protesters of the recent presidential election in Iran are being charged with various crimes against the state, in what is yet another display of the regime’s brazen disregard for civil and human rights, and more broadly, democracy as a whole. From the NYT:

During the session, prosecutors read out an indictment outlining what they said was a yearslong plot by the top pro-reform political parties to carry out a ”velvet revolution,” a popular, non-violent uprising to overthrow the Islamic Republic similar to ones that have occurred in Eastern Europe.

The prosecutor said three of the biggest opposition parties had taken money from foreign non-governmental organizations and had sought to use the election controversy as an opportunity to carry out their plot, according to a transcript reported by IRNA. He claimed Israeli and Western officials have spoken in recent years of fomenting revolution in Iran.

These sound like serious claims that I can only assume, given what transpired during the election and after, are false. My thoughts are with the people of Iran and those one-hundred plus protesters who currently stand trial, apparently without legal representation.


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