Trade Deadline

Victor Martinez went to the Red Sox (congrats to Jaime & Jono), Orlando Cabrera went to the Twins, and Jake Peavy is heading for that other Sox team. You know, that other team from Chicago. I am talking about the White Sox and I could not be happier for them. They only had to give up four prospects to pick up Peavy,and they will be getting a pitcher who is currently on the disabled list with an ankle injury (where he has been for nearly two months), is rumored to have issues with his shoulder, and who will likely struggle in the AL, as many pitchers who switch from the NL to AL do.

The Cubs came close to trading for Peavy in the off-season and I was not too excited about it at the time. I am even more pleased now that the trade fell through because rookie Randy Wells is having a great year for the club, and with the emergence of fellow rookie Kevin Hart, the club was able to parlay Hart’s performance into a trade for much needed left-handed pitching. Had Peavy been a Cub, it is possible neither of those two would have seen as much playing time, and of course, we would be saddled with an injured pitcher still owed over $40 million on his contract.

And adding insult to injury, Deadspin just released their article on why the White Sox’s stadium, U.S. Cellular Field, sucks. Anyway, good pick-up, White Sox.


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