The Second Season

Since last I wrote about the Cubs, the All-Star break has come and gone and the Cubs have won nine of twelve games since, putting them half a game behind the hated Cardinals for first place in the NL Central. They are currently beating up on the Astros 9-0 in the seventh inning at Wrigley.

It finally looks like the Cubs are playing good baseball and if they keep it up, they should find themselves in the playoffs for the third straight year. However, the Cardinals and Phillies continue to improve their teams via trade and I am curious to see what moves the Cubs will make. The Cardinals already picked up Mark DeRosa (former Cub whom we all miss) and Matt Holliday, while the Phillies just picked up Cliff Lee from the Indians.

Clearly the Cards and Phils mean business, and considering the Phils are the defending World Champs, these moves are important. Plus, the Cubs have a hard time beating the Phils and I know I do not want any part of them come October until the NLCS. The Cubs need another bat, preferably at second base where Mike Fontenot has struggled as the everyday man much of the year. If only Brian Roberts were available…

Anyway, the Cubs will likely look for a left-handed reliever and a left-handed bat and I can only hope that those additions combined with the club we already have will be enough to make an extended run in October. I would offer up a prediction but as a Cubs fan, I am leery of any potential “jinxing” of my boys.


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