War on Drugs in Afghanistan

The Obama administration is shifting U.S. strategy on curtailing the opium production fueling the heroin trade out of Afghanistan. Rather than burn poppy fields, the administration is sending out “dozens” of DEA agents to help bring down trafficking.

The idea that “dozens” of DEA agents can go into a foreign land and bring down the heroin trade, which accounts for 93% of the world’s supply, is absurd. The war on drugs has failed miserably here and I cannot imagine what a dozen agents can do to succeed in a country producing that much heroin, in the middle of a military war no less. Unfortunately, the only feasible way to eliminate the violence and profits that come with the sale and production of drugs is to legalize drugs. But that will not happen and it would be an imperfect solution, as well.


Apparently we are not done bombing the poppy fields just yet. CNN is also reporting that the opium trade has declined significantly. What do I know?


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