Harry Potter Movie

I saw it earlier today and I have been trying ever since I left the theater to get over how annoyed I was by the film’s ending. I am still unhappy. The movie was very good until its climax, which was extremely disappointing.

The film has the usual gags and gimmicks, as well as compelling action. And of course, it has its fair share of differences from the book. Now I understand, given the length of the Potter books and all the characters and sub-plots that run through it, some things will not make it to the screen. And I am willing to overlook little changes or omissions that do not fundamentally alter J.K. Rowling’s story. But without divulging what happens in the film that is so upsetting to me, I will simply say that the artistic license invoked by the writers and director should be revoked. A bloody shame it is. And a real disservice to the story. At this point, I do not want to watch it or the next two films again.

But I am sure I will get over it and watch the the final two films (two because the last book is being split into two parts for the movie). Actually, I hope that by making two films out of the last book a lot of my concerns with omissions and changes in story will be minimal. In other words, more of the source material should be included in the last films. I hope so, at least. I need something to distract me from this. I am sure that if I had not read all the books I would have enjoyed the film much more. Truly a rare instance when I actually agree that ignorance is bliss…


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