Survey Says

For now, Obama’s political standing seems commensurate with the state of the economy. The trends are going in the wrong direction according to the latest CBS survey on

In sum, Obama’s approval numbers are doing down, as is the number of people who think the country is going in the right direction. Meanwhile, people say they are hearing more bad news on the economy and not surprisingly, think the economy is getting worse.

Another survey on the site deals with Sarah Palin and I am pleased to report that no majority amongst any party thinks she is qualified to be President. But, it is very early and though the numbers in the Palin survey look good (in that they are bad for her), it is somewhat troubling that the survey even exists. I know I have devoted my share of posts about her, but in reference to the fact that her presence on the political scene was/is a joke. But this survey, at least in my mind, suggests that the MSM takes her seriously enough to get a feel for how the American public views her. It is not like we are seeing any surveys on Dennis Kucinich’s 2012 prospects.

In addition, a large number of people said they have not heard enough about Palin to form an opinion on her. As surprising as that may be, she does not appear to be going away and those “uninformed” people will likely have the opportunity to formulate that opinion.


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