McCartney Rocks

Paul McCartney played a short set on top of the Ed Sullivan marquee in NYC yesterday, while there to tape an appearance on Letterman. Check the video, it is pretty cool.

I have always been more of a John Lennon fan, but McCartney is undoubtedly a legendary and talented performer. And with yesterday’s performance and his awesome performance at Coachella (according to my cousin), I feel I must try to catch him in concert. I need to catch The Stones and Dylan, too, before these guys croak. I do not understand those who say they would not want to see these bands/artists perform now, because they are no longer in their “primes” or what not. Maybe if you were alive in the 60s I could understand that sentiment, but for me and my generation, if you are a fan, you have to take advantage of their presence on the music scene.


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