Home, Via Chicago

We got back home earlier today, one day after our original return date. We arrived at the airport yesterday in the early afternoon and discovered we would not be able to catch a flight out (flying standby) so we spent another night in Chicago. It was our first time flying standby and though we had fairly long travel days, it was oddly enjoyable. I am sure if I made a habit of traveling that way, though, it would cease to be so “adventurous”.

Airport derby aside, the trip was fantastic! We went to the Art Institute and rubbed elbows in the Impressionist wing with tourists seeking to catch a glimpse of the Seurat painting “immortalized” in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. We walked around Millenium Park and Michigan Avenue, and took a river tour of the architectural wonders of Chicago.

But as anyone who has read this blog will likely know, the highlight for me was catching the Cubs-Cardinals game on Saturday. Before I discuss the game let me say that prior to Saturday, I had seen the Cubs in person about seven times, mostly in Houston, and twice before at Wrigley. In all those games I had never seen the Cubs win. It was frustrating and I joked to friends that I was cursing the team with my presence.

Saturday changed all of that. The Cubs won and all was right with the world, if only for a short while. We (Jono, V and I) had a great day at the ballpark and celebrated long after.

The culinary highlights were the Chicago Diner in Wrigleyville (vegan paradise) and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria (traditional Chicago-style pizza). I highly recommend a trip to Chicago; it is a beautiful city and more laid back than NYC and D.C.


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