Palin Resignation

Sullivan is all over the Palin resignation and needless to say his criticism of her is extensive. I suggest following his blog if you are interested, which I would argue you should be. There is something very strange about her sudden resignation and though her team claims there is no impending scandal that prompted the resignation, it is too strange to ignore. This woman was almost the Vice-President and may have aspirations for the presidency in 2012, so yes, I think we need to know why she has resigned. Then again, maybe she has no more interest in politics, which would be great and warrant no further inquiry, as far as I am concerned. Or maybe she is just a quitter. Or worse, completely unstable. Nothing would surprise me.

Time has an interview with her that can be found here. This response is particularly telling:

President Obama is growing government outrageously, and it’s immoral and it’s uneconomic, his plan that he tries to sell America. His plan to “put America on the right track” economically, incurring the debt that our nation is incurring, trillions of dollars that we’re passing on to our kids, expecting them to pay off for us, is immoral and doesn’t even make economic sense. So, his growth of government agenda needs to be ratcheted back, and it’s going to take good people who have the guts to stand up to him, stand up to him and debate policy, not personalities, not partisan politics, but policy to effect the change that we need there. And allow free enterprise and the industrious Americans who run our small businesses and want to raise a family, allowing our families to grow and prosper and thrive, Americans who still believe in those ideals to get in there and effect change. I want to work for people who believe in that.

Note that she only wants to work for people who believe in her ideals, those that comprise her “America” (“I want to work for people who believe in that.”). She’s made similar statements before and for her talk about families and eschewing partisan politics, she does not seem to care much for those who differ with her, ideologically. However, to suggest that Obama is not in favor of “allowing our families to grow and prosper and thrive”, is ridiculous. And she conveniently forgets that we had a $2 trillion deficit before Obama even took office. Our debt concerns me as well and entitlement programs need to be reformed to address that, but Palin’s rhetoric is the stuff of stump speeches and offers nothing of substance.
I wish I could give the Palin talk a rest but I guess I have not gotten over her nomination, which was a farce. McCain really screwed that up.


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