Palin Quits

I am guessing this could be a move to free her up for a presidential run in 2012. Clearly she is undaunted by her critics and this move would definitely give her more time to prepare herself while avoiding the criticism within her own state that she is neglecting her duties as governor. I do not think she feels she is incapable of governing, though. Her delusions of grandeur preclude me from thinking as such and provide the impetus for my suspicion that she still may attempt a run at the presidency in 2012. Very interesting.

Slate’s story is here, and I am sure Sullivan has plenty to say about it.

Update: Alter in Newsweek thinks this is Palin’s opening salvo for a presidential bid. He writes:

Nixon famously said, “I’m not a quitter” (before quitting). Palin said people who “plod along” on “the worthless path” have taken “the quitters way out.” She actually quit while attacking quitters. For a certain kind of numbskull, that counts as smooth. Now she’s free to be feted by conservatives in every state. She didn’t really quit, you see. She just quit holding back in her search for liberal prey.

Mark Halperin’s (Time) ten possible reasons for the resignation can be found here.


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