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Trade Deadline

Victor Martinez went to the Red Sox (congrats to Jaime & Jono), Orlando Cabrera went to the Twins, and Jake Peavy is heading for that other Sox team. You know, that other team from Chicago. I am talking about the White Sox and I could not be happier for them. They only had to give up four prospects to pick up Peavy,and they will be getting a pitcher who is currently on the disabled list with an ankle injury (where he has been for nearly two months), is rumored to have issues with his shoulder, and who will likely struggle in the AL, as many pitchers who switch from the NL to AL do.

The Cubs came close to trading for Peavy in the off-season and I was not too excited about it at the time. I am even more pleased now that the trade fell through because rookie Randy Wells is having a great year for the club, and with the emergence of fellow rookie Kevin Hart, the club was able to parlay Hart’s performance into a trade for much needed left-handed pitching. Had Peavy been a Cub, it is possible neither of those two would have seen as much playing time, and of course, we would be saddled with an injured pitcher still owed over $40 million on his contract.

And adding insult to injury, Deadspin just released their article on why the White Sox’s stadium, U.S. Cellular Field, sucks. Anyway, good pick-up, White Sox.


Blog Goodies

For the dozen or so people who actually frequent this blog on occasion, I have made a few new additions to the blog that should be fun for us all. On the right, you should see my “Top 5 Bob Dylan Songs”, which is pretty self-explanatory. Underneath is a comment section where I hope people will express their agreement, adoration or anger at my selections. I attempted to add a countdown gadget underneath the comment section, which would show the time until the next top 5, but it did not work. Expect a new list every week. Enjoy…

Health Care Cont’d

Jonathan Alter at Newsweek explains why health care reform is unnecessary. He makes a very convincing argument; consider me sold!

Are You Ready for Some Football?

“No” would be the answer if your name is Knowshon Moreno or Robert Ayers. They are the two first-round picks of the Denver Broncos and they are not in training camp because they have yet to sign contracts with the team.

The Broncos are my NFL team and I am not happy with the off-season they have had. After firing Mike Shanahan, who led the team to two Super Bowl victories in the late 90s, they hired 33-year old offensive coordinator from the Patriots, Josh McDaniels, to replace him. Since taking the reigns, McDaniels has traded our All-Pro quarterback (Jay Cutler), alienated our best wide-receiver, and drafted a slew of offensive players when the team was most in need of help on the defensive side of the ball. The McDaniels era is not off to a good start, in my opinion, and the Broncos are not expected to do well this year.

And if you are thinking it is too early for football news, I would simply say that both the NFL preseason and college football regular season start in August. “Worthless Weekends” return in a few weeks, much to the dismay of wives and girlfriends everywhere.

Update: I was wrong about the college football season starting in August; the first games are actually on Thursday, September 3rd. Even so, the season is just around the corner…


For whatever reason, news on the happenings in Iraq seems to be reported with less frequency or has been superseded by other stories. But as this story shows, the country remains troubled and will likely remain as such even after we withdraw fully. Here is a glimpse of what is happening now:

Although violence has declined significantly since the worst of Iraq’s sectarian conflict in 2006 and 2007, attacks continue almost daily against Iraqi forces, and an intermittent pattern of major attacks continues to wreak havoc, often aimed at civilians in markets and other public places.

Many of the attacks appear intended to stoke sectarian tensions or settle political scores, and all have raised concerns — and, increasingly, anger — that Iraq’s security forces are not providing sufficient security as American troops provide less support and remain outside of urban areas under the terms of the current security agreement.

Cash For Clunkers

For those of you who may be in the market for a new car (cough, V, cough), the government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program is apparently still on. The program offers consumers $3500 to $4500 for their old cars if they trade them in for a vehicle with better fuel economy. But hurry, the offer may end very soon:

But Senator Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan, underscored the uncertainty about the immediate prospects. “We don’t know how long it will last, so people should go to their car dealers now if they want to take advantage of the program,” he said. “We’re also going to seek additional funding to hopefully make the program last longer.”

But there is a catch:

Cars submitted under the program were to be junked. They had to be less than 25 years old and have a fuel economy, as rated by the window sticker, of 18 miles a gallon or less.

Sorry V, but I do not think your car will meet that last requirement.

Update: Time has a piece on this here.

Seinfeld Reunion

It is going to happen. Only, not really. The reunion will serve as a story arc on this coming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Should be good, though. Full story here.