Time Warner Cable: Blacklisted Then Redeemed

We are downgrading our Time Warner Cable services by removing the cable service while keeping the internet service. As such, I had to go to the local payment center office in McAllen today and drop off the cable box, remote, etc. I did that and the guy at the counter was kind of a prick and I left rather annoyed with him and TWC in general.

A short while ago, I received a call from a guy that sounded a lot like the guy I spoke to today and this guy said TWC cannot process my downgrade and remove cable services from my bill because I have an outstanding balance in Austin. This is B.S. and I knew so because I canceled service in Austin nearly three weeks ago and was even told at the time I had a balance credit. I got angry with the guy, ended the call abruptly (not one of my finer moments), and immediately phoned the Austin TWC office.

I was fortunate enough to speak to Dianna, who when I relayed the story to her was just as perplexed as I. She confirmed my balance credit and phoned the number of the person who called me earlier, while I was conferenced in. The number ended up being one for the Dallas office and the guy there said he could not even access my ATX billing information, let alone my information in McAllen.

Dianna then called the RioGrande Valley office and we spoke to Ashley, who confirmed my canceled order, that there were no issues with the cancellation, and that TWC does not even have a policy of delaying disconnections based on this type of issue.

Long story short, all is well and I am grateful to Dianna and Ashley for their tremendous customer support. It is easy to criticize and call-out people for their misdeeds, but it is important and maybe even harder to acknowledge the good deeds others do. And that is what this is. Thanks again, Dianna and Ashley, for redeeming TWC’s customer support and putting my mind at ease.


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