Sosa in the Hall of Fame?

Ryno (Ryan Sandberg) does not think Sammy Sosa belongs in the Hall of Fame. Ryno is one of the most legendary of Cubs players and a Hall of Famer himself, but I disagree with him and all others who think the HOF worthy players of the PED era do not belong in the hall.

Other “cheaters” in the game have been elected and my thoughts are simply that these guys, assuming they were worthy to begin with, should go in the hall but have their plaques include a note about their use of PEDs, or contain an asterisk, or the like. These guys were a major part of the game, like it or not, and to not put them in the Hall, which is essentially a shrine or history museum for the game, seems like a way for MLB and HOF voters to ignore these players ever existed. It is bad enough that Pete Rose, the all-time hits leader and an undisputed first-ballot HOFer if not for his ban, is not in the hall.

It is silly and disingenious to not include these guys as some form of punishment or to preserve the image of MLB and the HOF. These guys came, they juiced, they put up big numbers, and in the case of Sosa in particular, brought the game back from the dead, where it was following the strike in 1994. And we were all complicit mainly by turning the other cheek as these guys got bigger and balls flew out of ballparks at increasing rates. So Ryno, my favorite second baseman of all time, I humbly disagree with you.


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