Opening Shot

It is fitting that my first post on this blog would come while I sit on my couch, sipping from my favorite coffee mug (the one with the Chicago Cubs logo on it), watching the U.S. Open. Fitting because as a sports enthusiast this blog will often comment on something pertaining to the world of sports and my favorite teams and their inevitable failures (see Cubs shout-out, supra).
Being unemployed at the moment gives me the pleasure of enjoying Monday morning golf and today is one of the few days since I graduated from law school that I am happy to not be employed. After today, the worries will continue. For now, I will drink my coffee, watch some golf, and hope one of my guys pulls through (Mickelson, or Duval, or Barnes, or Weir, or anyone but Tiger really).

But sports is only one thing I hope to discuss on this blog. I have many interests but what I do not have is a long attention span. Thus, the survival of this blog is by no means guaranteed. Ideally I will keep up with it as doing so will help in my continuous quest to be more well-informed about this world we all share and hopefully I can help readers become more well-informed, as well. Assuming I can stick with this, I will post various links to people who have more to say on the subjects that interest me, and who undoubtedly say it much better than I. Some of what I post here may be of interest to readers while most probably will not.

I’m basically going to wing it as I really have no plan and no idea what I am doing. Not much of an endorsement for my own blog, I know, but that is one reason why I am calling it “The Mess”.


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